Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dream On

I hate change. I'm a type of person who likes solitude, peace, knowing whats happening next, a set pattern. I like following the schedule. All because I am a control freak. But I do occasionally enjoy doing something impulsive! But even then its controlled chaos.

Past few months have been like a tornado; unpredictable where I'll head next.

I got into Bournemouth University. I only applied to because I had to apply somewhere. Even when I did I never thought I'd actually get in! Success is something I achieve very few times. I still can't fucking believe it!
Then there's also Tech Mahindra, the safe option. Getting into the drone like pattern of working in a MNC that treats engineers like machines. In my mind I know I won't be satisfied with it. I tolerate a lot but it comes at the cost of depression.

Getting into BU and furthering my career in animation seems like an unsafe or dangerous path to take. I don't where I'll be headed. I'm excited and scared at the same time, but mostly scared. I'll be leaving my friends, family and everything I love. I'm scared of losing it and being out of my comfort zone. But I'm also happy for a chance to live independently in a different country.

I have all these gazillion contradicting thoughts and I just can't be decisive. So I've decided to be patient. I'll just think about it in July. Till then I'm going to enjoy my life to the fullest. :D

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Happy New year! I thought now would be a good time to make a comeback. Writing again was on the back of my mind for so many months.

I turned 21 three days back! I had a lovely birthday. Me and my friends made so many crazy but embarrassing videos, I'd rather not go into details.

I think my biggest joy in the past few days was that I was able to play an old video game again. The title should give you a hint.
Back in 7th standard to used to lurk in the CD-ROM section of Crossword trying to find a game which I would enjoy playing more than twice and which was also moderately priced. I came across "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"
I used to play it on my then shiny PC which had Windows 98. And ever since the world switched over to XP, I've faced a series of failed attempts to play it again.
There are various versions of the same game. I'm talking about one where 'The Chief' is an African-American. I also like the pun names like Dinah Might.
So anyway, The game only works on Win95 or 98. Also on Classic Mac. But its not possible to play this on the newer Macs even with Rosetta unless you follow this method. But I found it too tedious just for one game.

So this is the procedure in XP -
1. Start>Run>msconfig. Disable all the startup tasks. Restart the machine. So, you can perform a clean install.
2. Change display settings to 800x600 and 16-bit colour.
3. Load in the cd (or image). In explorer, search for *.exe. You will get around 13 files. Change the compatibility for these individually to the following-
  • Run in 256 colours
  • Run in compatibility mode for Windows 95 or 98
4. Uninstall any current version of Quicktime. The newer versions are too advanced for the game to work on it.
5. Install the game and also Quicktime which comes along with the game.
6. Go to Control Panel>Quicktime (or Q32)>Video Settings. Change the setting in Optimization to Bitmap Drawing (BMP).

And voila! The game should work now.

Occasionally, I do have a problem where the game works fine except for some videos. But restarting or clearing all background tasks solves this.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, July 21, 2008

Why so serious?

I seem to be slipping into trends quite early. I've got college today and here I am lazying about at home. I'll start chronologically then.

01. Mahabaleshwar - I thought it would be quite boring. I would have preferred any beach and a cold, windy and rainy condition isn't really vacation material, imo. We left at 6:30 and reched there by 11:30. We then asked around and walked to the hotel. There was fog everywhere and we could barely see a thing. The room was smaller than expected but adequate. The first thing I did was to make sure that the TV was working. I didn't want to miss Spain - Russia that night. ;)
We had lunch and after some rest went to market. Did a lot of shopping and bargaining. After all the personal shopping came the turn to by things for mum's, siblings, cousins etc.
That night I had a pleasant surprise; our college reopening had been postponed by a week. Although, I didn't care much for it at the time, I was quite happy. The next day we roamed around Old Mahabaleshwar and visited Mapro for lunch. Later that night we played snooker, carrom, table tennis until the hotel staff finally told us to go away and sleep. ;p

02. I'm so excited about The Dark Knight!!! I can't wait to see it. Hopefully, everything will fall into place and I might fo today. I have special appreciation for the posters. I love the coloring in it. Yes, I admit it. I've turned into a Photoshop geek.
03. The big debate , the 16-hour debate is today starting at 11am. I'll be watching it. Afterall, it's my excuse for not attending college - a genuine interest in politics and the governance of my nation (for once).

04. GRE - I'm also learning about 20-30 words every 2-3 days. I don't have a daily routine but I do know that I have to do atleast 100 words every week.

05. I might be getting a MacBook this week. *double crosses fingers*

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain

I've had a lot on my mind for the past few days but when it comes down to writing an actual entry, it all seems to vanish from my mind. This post is brought to you by randomness and numbered bullets. :)

01. So finally, after a lot of discussion, more discussion and speeches in rage, we are going to Mahabaleshwar. The next time my friends and I plan a trip I'm going to look after all the details and blindfold everyone until we reach the hotel. No issues. I hope there are no last minute complexities, as it is always prone to happen to me. Actually, I don't even care, as long as we're all together, we will have a blast.

02. Sarkar Raj IS an amazing movie. You truly realize the rarity of a movie with a good script.

03. I read 3 Mistakes by Chetan Bhagat. And it turned out to be exactly the kind of light reading that I needed. Now I'm onto Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I've always wanted to read it but never made the time. I've read the first few pages and I'm hooked. Her writing style is very imposing and strong. All the characters are so believable and have so much conviction in their acts, even the smallest of them.

04. SPAIN!!!!!! France is out which makes me sad but finally Spain are playing to their full potential!

05. I took the Myers-Briggs personality test and turns out that I am an INTJ. Well, most of it does apply to me. I also found this amusing site. The quote below tells you how to "deal with INTJ's". And it's absolutely true!
  1. Be willing to back up your statements with facts - or at least some pretty sound reasoning.

  2. Don't expect them to respect you or your viewpoints just because you say so. INTJ respect must be earned.

  3. Be willing to concede when you are wrong. The average INTJ respects the truth over being "right". Withdraw your erroneous comment and admit your mistake and they will see you as a very reasonable person. Stick to erroneous comments and they will think you are an irrational idiot and treat everything you say as being questionable.

  4. Try not to be repetitive. It annoys them.

  5. Do not feed them a line of bull.

  6. Expect debate. INTJs like to tear ideas apart and prove their worthiness. They will even argue a point they don't actually support for the sake of argument.

  7. Do not mistake the strength of your conviction with the strength of your argument. INTJs do not need to believe in a position to argue it or argue it well. Therefore, it will take more than fervor to sway them.

  8. Do not be surprised at sarcasm.

  9. Remember that INTJs believe in workable solutions. They are extremely open-minded to possibilities, but they will quickly discard any idea that is unfeasible. INTJ open-mindedness means that they are willing to have a go at an idea by trying to pull it apart. This horrifies people who expect oohs and ahhs and reverence. The ultimate INTJ insult to an idea is to ignore it, because that means it's not even interesting enough to deconstruct.

    This also means that they will not just accept any viewpoint that is presented to them. The bottom line is "Does it work?" - end discussion.

  10. Do not expect INTJs to actually care about how you view them. They already know that they are arrogant bastards with a morbid sense of humor. Telling them the obvious accomplishes nothing.
06. I think it's quite sad that everytime I step out of the house, I hope it will rain and I might actually enjoy it but all I get are tiny specks of rain which I wouldn't even call drizzle. I'm not happy. :(